Assist In System Admin


We've had over 30 years experience running networks in multi-office law firms. Staffing for IT in non-profit or private law firms is often stretched thin. Staff leave or have temporary absences, yet technology must keep functioning 24/7. At MindfulTech we can keep your IT running amidst staffing changes. and we can assist in determining who can best meet your technology needs after your transition is complete.


Legal Application Support


IT experts are usually focused on "nuts and bolts" operations of networks, PC's and setting up systems. Rarely do they have the expertise to configure legal specific applications, nor to support and train staff in their use. MindfulTech offers the services of experienced Legal Technologists, which allows us to bring together the needs of legal practice with IT, all geared to making technology work for you. .


Work with your IT on Projects


Many firms have part time IT support or on-staff experience that keeps the day-to-day practice going, but is not suited for bigger projects, such as moving to the Cloud, upgrading case management, or securing data and communications. MindfulTech can work on discrete projects to move from one place to another in your practice and in your use of technology.


Maintain your databases and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Public Interest firms usually have varied funding sources with requirements to track their work and report back to funders. MindfulTech has years of experience using Microsoft SQL and Access databases to help you meet your data needs. Tracking clients and case work is part and parcel of where Information Technology meets your business of serving clients and advancing your mission.




At MindfulTech we act just as our name says, by being mindful of your technology needs

  • Mindful of your technological strengths and challenges
  • Mindful of how technology can help your business work better
  • Mindful of how to address your IT needs today, without creating new frustrations for tomorrow